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Before you begin, let’s make this clear: we know (and share) your anger. Sexism, homophobia and misogyny is rife in Ghent and by telling your story and responding to others, you’ll be helping to do something about that.

However, it’s crucial we don’t replace sexism with racism or classism or other forms of stereotyping, so please think about that before you post.

We ask that you provide an address of where the event took place. It should be something that Googlemaps can recognize, so we can tell the world where harassment is happening with pinpoint accuracy – so please make sure your location includes ‘Ghent, Belgium’ at the end.

- If this your first hollaback, it’s always good to view our Anti-Discrimination Policy and Comment Guidelines . For more info about this read the Hollaback Policies & Values

- If you prefer to stay anonymous, no problem, only mention your first name or write ‘anonymous’.

- We will never share your email address or personal information, ever. It is for internal use only.

- Be patient, we might not be able to post your story right away. We always review it first and then post it asap on this website. Thank you for your understanding. 

With all that said, Holla away! We’ve got your back!!

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