Anonymous: “Hij wandelde me voorbij en bleef maar naar me staren”

I was walking from Korenlei towards Poel, quite relaxed and happy. Suddenly I hear spitting, right behind me, like, really, aimed at me. Not that I felt anything, but it was so close… I was startled, and immediately went into f(l)ight mode. That is to say, it’s like I prepare for battle. My face turns consciously immobile, and I stare straight ahead, but my whole body tenses and all my senses are heightened. I didn’t dare to look behind me to see what exactly had happened. I’m not one to confront others, I’m more of a type to run away.

I hear footsteps behind me quicken and this guy walks alongside me, not very close, but clearly leering. I didn’t look at him while his face was turned to me, but I have very good peripheral sight, so I could see how he behaved.

So he walks alongside a bit, keeps leering at me, and though he has overtaken me, he keeps looking back. What with that spitting right behind me just before, and his leering and threatening behaviour, I was really scared. I’ve been attacked in that street before, so that also made me feel extra vulnerable.

He kept walking in front of me but somehow it felt like he was following me. I felt so targeted, clearly he was trying to get a reaction from me because he laughed a little when I quite obviously refused to look at him and just stared straight ahead.

I slowed my pace and created some distance between us, crossed the street to the other side and he luckily left me alone. But I didn’t dare take of my coat to see if he had spat on me before I entered the shop I was headed for, and I didn’t relax until I was safely back home, doors locked.

Ik sta achter je


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